Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Intern (Technical) in SYNOPSYS

As an Intern for the IC ImplementationCorporate Application Engineering Team, you will be part of a team of expert level engineers mainly working with R&D, field engineers and customers on newer technologies & products. You will be working with a team that has a strong understanding of timing analysis, logic optimization, physical design and the entire design flow from RTL to GDS. 

You will be working in close association with the Corporate ApplicationEngineers(CAE). In this process you will get exposed to the complete breadth of the ICimplementation flow as well as depth in certain areas depending on the CAE you are associated with. You will get exposed to cutting edge technology and designs which challenge implementation tools.

Business Title Intern (Technical)
Requisition Number 2417BR
Hiring Location(s) INDIA - Bangalore
Job Category Interns/Temp
Hire Type Intern


As a part of the ramp-up you will get trained on majority of the implementation tools. You will then get involved in on-the-job training. As a part of developing the breadth of knowledge, you will take certain customer designs through the complete implementation flow of Synopsys. With this you get to develop hands-on experience on all the implementationproducts as well develop debugging capabilities while solving certain errors which occur in the flow. Apart from this you will be asked to get in-depth in a particular area of theimplementation flow and work with the corresponding CAE. All of these activities will be towards preparing the system for validating major Synopsys tool releases.


Good knowledge of digital design, Basic concepts of CMOS circuit design would be essential. Knowledge of scripting (Perl/Tcl) and VLSI design methodologies would be desirable. The person will need to have problem-solving skills, good interpersonal skills, ability to interact with global teams and with good communication skills. 


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